Lavender & Hemp Butter Combo



A great combo deal for those who want to try both of our Best Sellers for dry & itchy skin. This pack contains:

Lavender Chocolate Whipped Butter 100mL

Specially formulated for very dry skin. The thickness of the butter forms a protective barrier over skin to allow for intense hydration which will leave skin feeling soft and supple. The Lavender in it helps to reduce itchiness and inflammation. Safe to be used in babies from 3 months onwards and suitable for eczema related dry skin.

Hemp Seed Oil Whipped Butter 100mL

Beautiful, rich and luxuriously thick. It is a fantastic head to toe moisturiser designed especially to help with dry, flaky skin of overworked hands, cracked heels and symptoms of eczema. Safe to be used in babies from 3 months old onwards.

Both creams are suitable for sensitive skin, babies and adults and can be used on the face too. These products are made with very gentle and the highest quality of Certified Organic ingredients. Does not contain any chemical stabilisers, preservatives, or anything artificial.

Full ingredients list: 

Lavender Chocolate Whipped Butter: Organic cocoa butter, Organic shea butter, Organic coconut oil, Organic almond oil Organic beeswax, Natural Vitamin E, Organic lavender oil
Hemp Seed Oil Butter: Organic shea butter, Organic beeswax, Organic coconut oil, Organic hemp seed oil, Organic cocoa butter, Organic almond oil, Natural Vitamin E

1. I cannot decide between the Lavender or Hemp Butter, which one should I use first?
We recommend using the Hemp Seed Oil Butter for overall moisturising, and use up to 3 times during the day if there is a flare of up. The Lavender Chocoalte Butter works well at soothing itch and to promote better sleep so we suggest using this at night. Both butters offer intense hydration and natural healing benefits.

You've read our raving reviews on the testimonials page! Get some to try today! =D



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