Outdoor Essentials Kit


Protect yourself against nasty mozzie bites and keep the dengue at bay with this natural, gentle and effective duo!

1. Organic Baby Bugs Off

A gentle blend of natural herbal oils that are used traditionally in many tropical countries to ward off mosquitoes. Easy to apply and smells amazing. Suitable from 4 months old onwards and great for adults too. DEET free and hypoallergenic, no preservatives or chemical fillers making this gentle on sensitive skin.

2. Healing Balm for Mozzie (or insect) bites

Made especially for little ones who develop red and angry rashes due allergies to mosquito and insect bites. This healing balm will help reduce the swelling and redness and will also help soothe the itch so that little fingers do not scratch and cause the skin to break. Suitable from 4 months and above.

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