Melvory Skincare has helped relieve Evie (21 months old) of severe irritation on the back of her neck. We apply the Hemp Seed Oil Whipped Butter after bathtime each day and the photos speak for themselves! These products actually work!

Renee Medland

My 7 year old daughter has really dry skin on her legs, to the point it looks scaly, like a snake’s. I used all sorts of lotions on her but they didn’t help until I used Melvory’s Lavender Butter and within days there’s been a huge improvement!

H.N. Wang

My Andre suffers from very sore and itchy inflamed patches of eczema since he was 8 weeks old and was hospitalised for weeping of his skin. All doctors only gave us cortisone creams which didn't work until my sister-in-law introduced us to Melvory's Hemp Seed Oil Whipped Butter which works wonders on his flare-ups and the scent of this one is really good. Thanks so much! 

Janet Lo

I have 3 children, all who suffer eczema unfortunately so you can understand the dreaded colder months and flare ups.. tears, bleeding dry skin.. I have been searching honestly for almost 5 years to find a cream to heal their eczema with no luck, everything from natural creams I have found to steroid prescribed creams and nothing has worked. My youngest had a flare up the other day, so I used some of melvorys hemp seed oil butter on his little face and I kid you not LESS then 24 hours! And his face was back smooth and clear! I am SO happy if I could rate this 10 stars I would! 

Tiarn Sheridan

Poppy had heatrash and we used the Macadamia Vanilla Body Creme on her. I used the cream twice a day for 2 days and it's gone! 

Jessica Redman

I have severe psoriasis that flares up badly with stress and allergies, and have tried the strongest medicated cortisone creams which are only effective for a day or so and are obviously full of nasty chemicals. I tried this beautiful whipped butter and within three days, my raw, itchy skin was soft for the first time in forever and the difference is just incredible! I have been self conscious about it for most of my life, and today I put shorts on for the first time in years because my legs are no longer looking red and patchy. I can’t recommend this strongly enough. It smells delicious, feels beautiful on, and has worked miracles for my skin.

Natalie Dickinson

My eczema has almost completely cleared up in just 1 week! I can’t believe how well these natural products are working for my eczema. I am honestly so obsessed with the products, they have worked so much better than any of the medicated creams the doctors have prescribed. We tried the Calendula Golden Milk Bath too and it honestly made Ariki’s skin so soft. These products are so much better than all the chemicals! Thank you so much for creating something to help my horrible skin.

Ashleigh Hillhouse

My toddler sweats a lot and often gets a rash on his arm. The doctor says it is eczema and gave us some steroid creams to use. As a mum I’m so reluctant to use any chemicals on my baby. We did use the steroids, only because he was waking up every hour trying to scratch his arm. I needed a good and thick moisturiser and we tried every brand from the chemist. Nothing really helped. My friends told us about Melvory Skincare and since it is all natural and safe for babies to use, we bought the Dry Itchy Skin Rescue Pack and he loved the Calendula Milk Bath. Smells great. After that I lather him all over with the moisturisers. I couldn’t believe with just 1 week this stubborn rash was gone. It hasn’t come back since and we totally just ditched the steroids.

Marie King

My skin is really sensitive and every now and then I get these weird bumps all over. They’re red, angry and so itchy I could die! I’ve tried many products in the past for psoriasis and I’m so over using steroids and other foul smelling coal tar chemical stuff. I wanted to try a natural product for my psoriasis and for these weird rashes. Heard many good things about Melvory and since it’s founded by a Pharmacist, it must be good! Applied the Lavender Butter every day for 2 weeks and I find that it’s so soothing on the itch. I stopped scratching and eventually the skin healed over and now I have a relative nice arm. 

Kim Nguyen

My daughter has eczema all over the back of her knees, elbows, wrists and buttocks. It is super itchy, so when she scratches, she will bleed and have scars all over. Just after 1 week of using Melvory’s Organic Lavender Butter, her skin is no longer rough. There’s no more peeling skin and she isn’t scratching as much anymore. I see a huge difference and her skin is smooth now and no longer bumpy.

Li Grace

I have always had ugly and painful cracked heels. I tried and have wasted so much money on heel balms and creams and never worked because of how bad my heels are. My friend introduced me to Melvory and since the prices are so reasonable, I decided to get a jar to try. My goodness!! The Hemp Butter is so intense that it is able to penetrate all that dead skin and within a 5 days the skin became soft and pink again..

Jenny Smyth

My baby has eczema patches on her tummy, which are very dry, red and flaky. I didn't want to use steroids on her so I decided to try Melvory's Dry Itchy Rescue Pack. After trying for 2 weeks I can see improvement on her dry patches and there is no more flaky skin. 

Melissa Haman

I really love this product! My little boy has horrible eczema and we’ve been putting all sorts of cream on him without much luck. Keeping the skin moisturised is so important in managing eczema but all the creams on the market has lots of chemicals/preservatives/additives and so I don’t put on as much cream as often as I would’ve liked. But Melvory’s product is so gentle with no nasties that I can safely apply it on him multiple times a day without worrying he’ll eat some and it’s been helping keep his skin moisturised. Thank you Melvory for such a great product!


I am so happy that we have found something so natural for my kid’s eczema! The rash is a lot less angry after a few days and she doesn’t scratch as much. Very glad to give the steroid creams a miss this time.

Diana Logan

My kids all get eczema and it flares up during winter. I think the missing key for us was a thick and hydrating moisturiser to keep the dry skin at bay. Unfortunately, all those expensive brands we tried, are just watery looking lotion. We heard that Melvory makes natural remedies for eczema and we were so blown away by the results. Just 1 use of the products inside the Dry Itchy Skin Rescue Pack and we saw the rash gone. That Calendula Milk Bath is nice, I even use it as facemask for myself. I love how natural the whipped butters are, no artificial fragrances and preservatives. The less chemicals the better I say! 

Louise Sefton

Nothing else works for the dermatitis on my hands so decided to try Melvory's Raspberry Hand Cream during the day, and Hemp/Lavender Butter at night. So much better now!

Lina Nguyen

I used this cream on my 7 month old baby for eczema patches on his face. It smells divine and is gentle on his skin (and mine!). I’m happy to say that his eczema has cleared right up! Highly recommend! =)

Lauren Cunningham

I get the worst after birth rash! I thought PUPPPS was bad but this is worse! Just soooo itchy and I cannot stop scratching. I have sensitive skin and I am fussy with moisturisers but I really love the Avocado Soufflé. I didn’t expect it to do anything for my very itchy after birth rash, but it was the only cream that relieved the itch. Now the rash is gone! Love the smell too.

Stephanie May

Melvory’s creams are so wonderful for healing up my dry eczema ridden fingers. They are beautiful moisturising creams that smell divine, absorbs nicely within minutes and do not leave a sticky or greasy residue.

Audrey Sim

My Alex suffers from very dry, sore and itchy inflamed patches during the winter, but after only 2 applications across 12 hours of the Hemp Seed Oil Whipped Butter and all the discomfort and most of the redness is gone. This works wonders on eczema, cracked and sore lips, dry skin, irritated skin, flare-ups and the scent of this one is a really clean and crisp scent, not at all floral or sweet – which means its happily used by my 13 year old teenage son and my husband as well.

Luca Edwards

My son loves your Hemp Seed Oil Whipped Butter. He has this very itchy rash on his feet that comes and goes. After applying the Hemp Butter, the skin becomes better and most of the rash has dried up.

Angelina Pang

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Details A great starter kit for anyone looking for natural products that target at eczema or psoriasis and is also the perfect gift to get for a child with sensitive skin to let them know you care. These products are professionally formulated by a Qualified Pharmacist, made with a lot of love to help babies and children who struggle with dry and itchy skin
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I have such itchy skin on my legs that makes me scratch constantly until it bleeds. I use Melvory’s Dry Itchy Skin Rescue Pack and it helps with the itch and now my leg has recovered. We love the Calendula Golden Milk Bath as we can see a difference after soaking in it. My daughter loves it too and after using it the itching stops. We hope you will continue to make great products!

Christine Teoh

Big red welt after a mozzie bite, applied some healing balm and it was pretty much gone after a few hours.

Frankie Mitchell

I love this Healing Balm. Not only for me but for my kids! Cos usually mosquito bites my kids skin will get swollen. But after immediately applying the organic healing balm, the itches stop and the swelling stop and reduces. So grateful for this!

Sebrinah Yeo

This is how Emmett reacted to mozzies before we discovered Melvory's healing balm. He was bitten last night and you wouldn't know already! I am honestly blown away by how quickly his bites disappeared with your balm!


My poor girl is highly allergic to mosquito bites and gets big red and very itchy welts once bitten. We decided to give Melvory’s healing balm a try this time and wow!! Not only did she not scratch the rash, it was pretty much all gone the next day. Very impressed! I read the ingredient list on this balm and they are definitely 100% natural. Love how fresh it smells too. This is so perfect for summer.

Gina Langdon

Jason is allergic to mosquito bites and often gets very angry looking rashes if he gets bitten. He won’t be able to stop scratching and is too young to understand. This time we had this magic balm and after putting some on his leg, he wasn’t scratching as much. These mozzie bites usually take 1 whole week to heal up but with this magic balm, just 2 days later his leg was back to normal. Cute little jar, it follows us everywhere now.

Cynthia Smith

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This bundle is for your baby who loves being outdoors. Effective products to protect your baby from mosquitoes, packed in
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