Goji Berry Eye Cream

Reduces Puffiness & Eye Bags (20mL)

Wake up, firm up and bring back to life those eyes! A refreshing eye cream of Goji Berry essence that acts like a double shot espresso for the eyes. Look alive with this fast-absorbing cream which brightens, tightens and de-puffs to downplay the appearance of eye bags and lines around the eyes. 

The perfect eye cream formula that combines pharmaceutical and botanical knowledge to bring you an elixir that delivers without compromise. No nasty chemicals, no artificial ingredients, no parabens. 

How to use:
Gently dab around eye area with fingertips in the morning and at night.

Hero Ingredients


Organic Goji Berry Serum Australia
Goji Berries
For centuries women in Tibet have looked to the Goji Berry as a powerful health tonic and ‘beauty secret,’ thought to promote a smooth, clear and youthful complexion. Goji Berries are rich in essential vitamins and minerals which help fight off free radicals and increase production of elastin and collagen, minimizing fine lines and keeping the skin firm.

Eye Cream to reduce eye bags australia
Abyssinian Seed Oil
Excellent moisturizing properties which help promote skin suppleness, softness and wrinkle reduction. Adds radiance to a dull complexion, instantly giving the skin a more revitalised, youthful look.

Organic Eye cream for dark circles australia

Uva Ursi Leaf Extract
Used traditionally by women worldwide for its natural ability to lighten dark spots and blemishes to give you a more even and creamy skin tone. Well known for its lightening and brightening skin properties and is used in eye products to help fade dark circles.

Full ingredient list: Organic aloe vera, Organic glycerin, cetearyl glucoside (vegetable thickener), sorbitan olivate (Olive Oil emulsifying wax), Radish root ferment filtrate, Organic abyssinian seed oil , Organic Goji Berry extract, Organic mandarin oil, Organic uva ursi leaf extract, Organic calendula extract, sclerotium Gum, Sambucus nigra fruit extract, xanthan gum, sorbic acid.
1. If I use this twice a day, how long will a bottle last?
Each bottle of 20mL contains about 200 drops of serums. Using 2 drops a day means one bottle will last you about 3 months.

2. What is the shelf-life of this product?
15 months.

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